I am involved with the following organizations through activism, professional affiliation, and personal friendships.

Professional Organizations:

  • African Studies Association – an interdisciplinary conference every November, attended by many Africans
  • American Political Science Association – where 6,000 political scientist meet every Labor Day weekend; publishers of the American Political Science Review and Perspectives on Politics, and organizers of a workshop in Africa each summer.
  • Midwest Political Science Association – a great conference for graduate students, each April in Chicago; publishers of the American Journal of Political Science.
  • Structure and Organization of Government (SOG) section of the International Political Science Association
  • Fulbright Alumni Association
  • African Politics Conference Group – an organized section within several of the above associations.  An essential (and inexpensive) membership for any graduate student interested in African politics.  They publish a useful list of recent publications and upcoming events, and they also organize panels at academic conferences.

Non-Governmental Organizations of interest:

Advocacy Organizations:

Africa Action
Association of Concerned Africa Scholars
TransAfrica Forum
Latin America Working Group
Washington Office on Latin America
Jubilee USA

Social Networking:

Feel free to find me on LinkedIn or Facebook but please do not send the generic email request.

I organize former students into groups based on the class they took with me – it’s very helpful when they remind me which class that was.   Please note that if I do not personally know you, then I may not accept your request.