Constitutions & Democracy Dataset

Building on our 2015 essay in The American Political Science Review, (When Talk Trumps Text: the Democratizing Effects of Participatory Constitution-Making, 1974-2011“) my co-authors and I demonstrate the positive effects of participatory constitution-making on democracy. Using an original dataset covering all new constitutions since 1974, we also show how participation is especially important at the earliest stages of crafting a new constitution. This is important because democracy promotion for the last 30 years have emphasized later stages, which typically include a referendum. Further, drawing on field research from three continents we show that participation is not endogenous to previous regime types (democracy or dictatorship)

Click here to access a preliminary version of the data for the book with Todd Eisenstadt and Tofigh Maboudi. The book will be published summer 2017. Please check back then for a more polished version of the dataset, and please cite it as:

Eisenstadt, Todd A., LeVan, A. Carl, and Tofigh Maboudi. 2017. Constituents before Assembly: Participation, Deliberation and Representation in the Worldwide Crafting of Constitutions (New York: Cambridge University Press).