Graduate Courses

PhD Seminar in Comparative Politics Syllabus – fall 2017

State and Society in Africa Syllabus – spring 2019

Africa in Comparative Perspective Syllabus – fall 2011

African Political Institutions

Syllabus – spring 2011

Syllabus – spring 2010

Theories of Comparative & International Studies (SIS 672)

Syllabus – fall 2015

Representation in the Developing World, fall 2011

This was a one-time class co-taught with Professor Todd Eisenstadt, a Latin American specialist from the School of Public Affairs.  This course for MA and PhD students examined the limitations of democratic governance through both formal and informal mechanisms.  Click here to see the syllabus.

Corruption, Development, and Democracy Syllabus – spring 2008

Graffiti in a Lagos primary school, 2019

Undergraduate Courses

Freedom and Solidarity in Western Democratic Thought Syllabus – spring 2015

Contemporary Africa

Syllabus – spring 2016

Rebellious Africa: Identities, Institutions, Insurgencies Syllabus – spring 2016

Civilizations of Africa Syllabus – spring 2009 Post-war poster from Uganda

Intro to International Relations Research 

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We crave radiance in this austere world,
light in the spiritual darkness,
Learning is the one perfect religion.
-“Allegiance,” by Elizabeth Alexander