Kenyan Human Rights Activist Arrested in Uganda

Al-Amin Kimathi, Executive Director of the Muslim Human Rights Forum (MHRF), was arrested last week in Uganda and brought up on terrorism charges in relation to the bombings this summer in Kampala.  Kimathi has been working over the last several years to document extraordinary renditions which involve US and Kenyan authorities.

According to a statement by a coalition of civil society organizations, Kimathi was in Uganda for his second mission to observe the trial of terrorism suspects, several of whom were illegally transferred via rendition from Kenya.  A lawyer, who was arrested with him and who represents several of those charged with terrorism, has written a letter to the U.S. Ambassador announcing that he is pursuing civil redress against American authorities involved in their arrest.

2 thoughts on “Kenyan Human Rights Activist Arrested in Uganda

  1. Victoria

    Again, thank you for posting this Carl.

    I would also like to contribute a link of an article written today by journalist Angelo Izama from the Ugandan paper “Daily Monitor” (he spoke at AU a couple of years ago). Mr. Izama has been a fearless activist in his country despite facing constant persecution from the government regarding his poignant columns in the paper. He was recently arrested, along with his editor, for comparing Museveni with the former Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos, in a comun on December 20.

  2. Carl LeVan

    After nearly a year in detention in Uganda, Kimathi has been released. During that time the government failed to outline its charges against him and he was subject to various types of demeaning treatment.

    However the main significance of his unjust imprisonment is that it intimidated critics of the war on terrorism. Human Rights Watch also notes that harassment of such critics continues in east Africa, including in neighboring Kenya.

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