2 thoughts on “Decree No. 34 (1966)

  1. Amaso Jack

    Please can you send me all your titles and their prices, especially those on Nigeria. Thanks Mr Jack

  2. Dr. Carl Post author

    Thank you for your interest.

    –My new (2019) book on the 2015 elections, “Contemporary Nigerian Politics” is available from Cambridge University Press in paperback for about $29 US. It is also available in an e-book format from Cambridge and from Google Books.
    –My 2015 book, “Dictators and Democracy in African Development: the Political Economy of Good Governance in Nigeria” is available in paperback and e-book from Cambridge University Press
    –There are also several chapters on Nigeria in my co-edited volume, “African State Governance” from Palgrave (2015). I don’t think you can buy those chapters individually, but you can check the publisher’s website
    –The new “Oxford Handbook of Nigerian Politics” is about $130 USD from Oxford University Press and is available on their website. You should be able to purchase individual chapters as well. I realize that is a lot of money; if you are based in Abuja, you should be able to consult the book at the Yar’Adua Centre or at the Centre for Democracy and Development.

    Thanks again for your interest!

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