Constitutions & Democracy Dataset

Building on our 2015 essay in The American Political Science Review, (When Talk Trumps Text: the Democratizing Effects of Participatory Constitution-Making, 1974-2011“) my co-authors and I demonstrate the positive effects of participatory constitution-making on democracy. We establish this with a new source, the Constitutions and Democracy Dataset (CDD) which includes all new constitutions 1974-2014. We also show how participation is especially important at the earliest stages of crafting a new constitution. This is important because democracy promotion usually focuses on later stages, which typically include a referendum. Further, drawing on field research from three continents we show that participation is not endogenous to previous regime types (democracy or dictatorship).

Click here to access the data for the book with Todd Eisenstadt and Tofigh Maboudi. The link will take you to a data repository hosted by the American University’s library website. Please check back then for a more polished version of the dataset, and please cite it as:

Eisenstadt, Todd A., LeVan, A. Carl, and Tofigh Maboudi. 2017. Constituents before Assembly: Participation, Deliberation and Representation in the Worldwide Crafting of Constitutions. Click here to buy the book via the Cambridge University Press website.img_2520